Apologies to my followers

Apologies to my followers

I will not be publishing again until Monday. I have had a problem with my service provider, it seems fixed now but I need to be certain. Also my apologies regarding likes and comments. Only about 1/3 of my comments have been getting through, the other 2/3 have been coming back with an error message, whether this is a server or WordPress error I’m not sure.

So on Monday I will Publish the next excerpt of Double in Trouble.

Once again my Apologies   Regards Malkie


30 thoughts on “Apologies to my followers

  1. Considering I have hardly missed a day since early September, If I wanted to miss a few days I would say so. I would not find the need to make excuses however true they are!


  2. I hope all is well. ——- But I wish I would be as consistent as you are on even bad days!!! That’s hard work and much discipline which most have a hard time with – I love your work, I have to binge- read often because my days vary as you know. But I always enjoy your entrees. They have a certain beauty to it which comes from a kind heart, and an imaginative mind. And I love that.


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