The Darkness Within – Excerpt 13

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 13

  The cut on her hand was not deep, so she wrapped her handkerchief round it. I watched it change colour as the blood seeped into it. I tapped her on the shoulder and signalled her to go outside.

As soon as we were clear of the premises, she asked me, ‘Did I want business?’ I should have known? she was a whore. Be that as it may, she had blood and I needed blood.

Once I had confirmed that I had money, and was willing to pay for her services, she held my arm and led me down a dark alley. Once we had reached the far end, where we were hidden by the darkness, She asked for payment in advance, which I handed her.

She pulled up her skirt, she had no knickers on. I unbuttoned my trousers and took out my penis, she took it in her hand and jerked it to erection. I looked down and I could see the blood-soaked handkerchief as she pulled me to her.

I entered her and her features seemed to change to those of Irina, My only love, and as I pumped inside her, I felt the bloodlust return and bit in to her exposed neck and drunk of her blood. She went limp for a moment, then screamed at the top of her voice. Her screams echoed all around the alley and beyond.

I pulled out of her, adjusted my clothing as best I could, then staggered back up the alley. Intent on escaping the scene as fast as I could, before anyone appeared to check out the noise. My only fear was that the Police might apprehend me, being a foreigner I had a healthy respect for them.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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