Double in Trouble – Excerpt 37

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 37

  Thankfully the call to the evening meal was given, so we made our way to the dining room. It was a room and a half, I’m not sure how many the table could seat, but it must be two dozen  at least.

Besides Kat and myself, there was Mayhew and Schultz, Sergei, who I was introduced too, and his numerous relatives and the two technicians. The food appeared to be Polish, which was hardly surprising, for starters we had a beetroot soup which was quite tasty, followed by a meat dish, I wasn’t certain of its provenance, but like the soup it was edible.

After we had eaten our fill, we were shown through to an annexe laid out with tables and chairs and a small corner bar. Schultz announced, anything you would like to drink just ask the barman.

I went to the bar and Sergei joined me, He said that everything was prepared and ready, I gave him a smile and a nod of approval, then ordered two whisky and sodas for Kat and myself.

So far, everything was ticking over nicely, but I mustn’t get complacent, there were so many things that could go wrong, even at this late stage. But look on the bright side, all is well at the moment.

I passed Kat her whisky and soda, She smiled and thanked me and asked, ‘What were you and Sergei discussing, you looked like old friends?’ ‘He was just explaining to me, that if all the bidders arrive on time, the auction will be held the day after tomorrow!’

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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