The Darkness Within – Excerpt 12

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 12

  I know now for a fact, that given a certain set of circumstances and that the instinct for survival is strong enough in the individual. That person will commit horrendous acts if they are necessary to prolong or assure his or her own survival.

I was given two months off work to recover from my injuries and the trauma of being incarcerated underground. I felt fine until I decided to go for a drink in the Miners Welfare. The moment I walked in the bar, all conversation’s stopped and all eyes seemed to be upon me, or so it seemed. Did they all know what I had done, was it feelings of guilt or just my paranoia that made me feel this way.

Then as one they stood and applauded me, all my shift mates were offering to buy me drinks. This was ridiculous, they were treating me like a hero, not the coward and killer that I was. This was bizarre, it made me feel even more paranoid. I made my excuses and left rapidly.

I decided to head in to the city, at least there I could be anonymous. I frequented several public houses, intent on getting myself drunk, at least then my thoughts might not be quite so lucid. Closing time was fast approaching so I ordered a couple of pints for the road. I was happily drunk but not yet incapable.

A young woman staggered towards me, and lurched in to me, knocking my glass from my hand and cutting herself in the process. I had been fine, But the moment I saw the blood running, all the old urges returned. I had to have her!

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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