Double in Trouble – Excerpt 36

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 36

  When we were ushered to the room we were to be sharing, to Kat’s delight it has a huge four poster bed with curtains, something she seemed to think was the height of opulence. I just thought, Oh, my god! does this woman never cease, we are on the verge of embarking on a dangerous mission and all she can think about is the size and comfort of the bed. But then, maybe its her way of distracting herself from the obvious build up of tension as we get closer to achieving our goal.

At the moment it is something of a waiting game, the bidders are supposedly arriving in the morning. Until they are assigned their rooms, and settled in on the second floor, We can’t send in the signal about Palenkov’s supposed escape.

After breakfast, I’ll see if I can’t talk Schultz in to showing me where the Warheads are stored, I’m pretty certain I already know but its nice to know for certain, it will all save time.

For the moment all we can do is lounge around in our room killing time, hopefully they will soon feed us, but until then we are playing the waiting game, it’s such a drag, waiting for something to happen.

We couldn’t discuss the mission in any way, Schultz might have the room bugged, in his place, I most certainly would. So, all we could do was make small talk, about us, the couple that didn’t exist outside of these four walls.

Kat was in her element discussing imaginary friends love lives, why so and so should never wear that colour, and such and such should stop wearing her skirts so short, it always attracted the wrong type of man, and on and on and on. One thing for sure if we were being monitored, they would have earache big style by now.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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