Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 34 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 34 )

  I was furious with Mary, but even angrier with her so-called friends who had convinced her of this course. If anything should happen to Mary, I will have the pack of them hung, or worse still seek recompense in my own way, which will be most severe.

We soon arrived at Granny’s she was sprawled in a chair in a stupor, stinking of gin. Mary lay on the bed, blood spilling from between her thighs. I took out a bottle of surgical spirits and told Cathy Eddowes to rinse her hands in it, she had bought Mary to this sorry state, she could help save her.

I gave her clean cloths and told her to clean off as much of the blood as she could. She was not making much headway as the blood was still pulsing out. there was only one solution that I could think of and that was to insert a plug to soak up the blood and seal  the wound.

My only concern was that the wound might be infected, if she contracted sepsis, I doubted that even my skill could save her life. I explained to Cathy what must be done to save Mary’s life. I passed her the clean bandages and instructed her to force then as tightly as she could in to the wound until it was securely plugged.

I told her not to concern herself about hurting Mary, she was beyond pain, just concentrate on plugging the wound and stopping the flow of blood. Then I turned on Granny, I shook her awake and told her angrily,’ If she dies as a result of your drunken fumbling, I’ll see you hung from a gibbet on Ludgate Hill, you stupid sot, you had best retire and consider what you have done.’ It took me all my time not to strike her down, I was absolutely furious with her, for the damage she had caused. Thanks to her, Mary’s life was in Jeopardy and mine had once again been turned upside down.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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