An Award Nomination – A Lovely Surprise

An Award Nomination – A Lovely Surprise

Today I received an award nomination from Asha Seth of The Musing Quill. A lady whose writing and poetry I greatly admire. The Nomination is for the The Mystery Blogger Award created by Okoto Enigma.

I was asked three questions by Asha, These are my answers:

Question 1) When not writing, what captures your fancy.

I have lots of different hobbies, at the moment I am making model planes.

Question 2) One favourite poem/ blog that has stayed with you.

I adore Nandita’s poetry, so sensual.

Question 3) What excites you on a hard day, to look forward to the next day.

If my audience approve of something I have written, that I was unsure about.

My Nominations Are:



Ekaterina Tretiakova


Velvet Screams

Sulaiman Hafeez

My Questions are, 1) What motivates you to write.

2) If you could be a famous writer, who would you be.

3) Why do you blog?

Good luck to all my nominees, I await your answers

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