The Darkness Within – Excerpt 11

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 11

  I was woken on what I took to be my fourth day alone and imprisoned, by a persistant tapping, once again I thought I was delirious and imagining things in my head. It took me a moment or two to get my wits together, then I realised that the tapping was coming from the other side of the wall that was imprisoning me.

Rescue now suddenly seemed a possibility, I picked up a piece of rock and began tapping on the wall trying my utmost to tap between their taps so they would realise I was in here and alive. They were answering me tap for tap, they knew I was in here.

You cannot possibly imagine the euphoria I felt. I was soon to be freed, then another thought struck me, How do i explain the condition of Imre’s corpse and the fact that I alone survived. I got in to this situation, how can I possibly get out of it.

The Rescue team took several hours to break through to where I was. The leader of the team examined Imre’s corpse and said the rats had obviously had a field day with his corpse and looking at the bites that I myself had sustained only helped to confirm the fact.

It was all well and good, but he seemed to be appraising me, did he know or even have suspicions of what I had done. Could he have guessed that I had murdered my friend so that I myself could survive, or was I just being paranoid.

I didn’t understand it, He was saying nothing, he was making no accusations, no judgements, then it dawned on me. In the years he had spent rescuing survivors, maybe he had seen much worse.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

15 thoughts on “The Darkness Within – Excerpt 11

  1. Getting better and better!!!!! I also believe you are right – one numbs from what horrific things they are confronted with – I always find those little pieces of wisdom in each of your threads published. I love that!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻☺️


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