Double in Trouble – Excerpt 35

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 35

  Schultz announced that we were cleared to go, and would we all please board the helicopter. As soon as we were all settled the pilot ascended, we were off on this, the final leg of our journey.

It came as something of a surprise when we reached the Hunting Lodge, I had been expecting something along the lines of a large chalet, but it was anything but. it looked like a throwback to the Austro – Hungarian Empire, this Hunting Lodge was built like a small castle.

I could see now why it had been chosen for the Auction, It had just the right amount of austerity to impress our bidders, that old bourgeois charm. And it was quite remote. We knew now that we would have no concern over our quarters, the place just oozed comfort and olde-worlde charm. I image it still had its original interior with a few modern refinements, like showers and additional security features, cameras in the grounds, that type of thing. I had to take my hat off to Schultz, he could certainly pick his places.

We entered by the front doors and Kat said,  ‘Wow! its like visiting a stately home, I wonder if we’ve got a four-poster bed?’ ‘Don’t you ever think of anything else?’ I said not wishing to discourage her. ‘Well, yes I like to sleep, but I sleep better after,’ she lingered on the after, I got the point, I sometimes act vague, but I’m far from stupid, I got the message, loud and clear. to all intents it looked like it was going to be another rough night, did she never sleep.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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