Double in Trouble – Excerpt 34

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 34

  A moment or two later Mayhew joined us, apparently, we were to be driven to the airport. I had no idea where we were going, but Kat whispered that she had a tail on us, which was a little re-assuring.

We drove what I imagined to be South for about 45 minutes, then pulled off the road and down a driveway. The driveway opened out in to a small landing field, sat on the field awaiting our arrival was a small passenger jet plane.

It looked like a company plane or something similar, Mayhew had probably conned or blackmailed someone for the use of it. The transit ground to a halt beside it, and Mayhew said, ‘Everybody out, our transport awaits!’ Mayhew just loves to make everything a big deal.

We vacated the Transit with our luggage and boarded the Aircraft, once we were all settled and belted in, the pilot started to taxi down the runway ready for take off. we took off without a hitch and headed, I presume towards Germany, If the information I had gleaned from Schultz correct, he may have been lying to me.

It didn’t seem long at all before the plane was starting its landing procedure. The landing strip was very similar to the one we had left from in England, small, private and seclude. I suppose its understandable knowing that Schultz is high on everyone’s wanted list, and not just for his charm and good looks.

The Helicopter was waiting for us to board, Schultz was chatting to the pilot, no doubt last minute instructions. The timing is faultless, I don’t know if its Schultz or Mayhew but the planning is pure perfection.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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