The Darkness Within – Excerpt 9

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 9

  I walked over and examined the walls of our prison, for that is what it had surely become. It was just as it had appeared, a solid wall, we were stuck here and for some time, if looks were anything to go by.

There are, as I was made aware, Rescue teams and procedures in place for just such a situation as this. But because of the imminent danger of further collapses, All such attempts were a slow procedure as a matter of course. I estimated at the least we would be trapped at least 3 or more days.

I was fine until our lamps died and everything went pitch black, all my old fears returned to haunt me and in seconds I became a jabbering wreck. After a while, once I had begun to calm down a little, I began to think logically, I had to if I were to survive.

I quickly realised that the main problem would be sustenance, to survive I needed food and drink. I crawled over to Imre and checked him over. His wound had clotted and stopped bleeding, but his breathing was even more shallow and his pulse erratic.

It was then that I made my decision, If you wish to give it a label, call it temporary insanity. I had decided that Imre must die, in order that I might live. There were no other options open to me or so it seemed at the time.

I selected a sharp and heavy rock and proceeded to smash in Imre’s skull. It was a deliberate but necessary act, call it murder if you will but I would call it survival. I have my doubts that Imre would have lasted the night.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

8 thoughts on “The Darkness Within – Excerpt 9

    1. Yes, WordPress wouldn’t let me comment on any of your blog posts for about a week, Malcolm.

      That’s why I haven’t commented in such a while in case you were wondering.

      And it appears that the hero of our story has made a choice that will send him down the path to the darkness within.


      1. Yes, last week a friend of mine and fellow blogger who lives in Phoenix Arizona for one brief terrifying day thought that WordPress had deleted his entire blog with its over 1400 blog posts.

        Fortunately he found someone on the WordPress Help desk who managed to fix the problem and restore and bring back his entire blog for him.


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