Double in Trouble – Excerpt 33

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 33

  We sat facing him, he grimaced and said in his guttural manner, ‘So, this is the girlfriend then?’ he offered his hand, ‘I’m Frank Schultz, your boyfriends employer.’ ‘I’m Katrina Villiers, but please call me Kat, everyone does!’

‘OK Kat, you appreciate that this is to be a working holiday and you may be left in your room to fend for yourself while certain negotiations are taking place,’ he let it hang in the air, hoping I think that she would give herself away and say how much she knew of our purpose for being there, but Kat was too astute to fall for that ploy.

‘Jim explained there was a possibility of that happening, so I brought along some reading material I want to catch up on,’ He looked a little quizzical, so she added, ‘Books!’ ‘Aha! I understand now, that will be fine, I will try not to keep him to long,’ he stated.

‘I don’t get a lot of time to read, so it will be nice to do a little catching up,’ smiled Kat. I have no idea whether Schultz believed her story or not, he appears to be happy enough, but he’s a hard man to read is our Mr. Schultz.

I decided to change the subject, ‘Where are we flying from?’ wondering whether I’d get an answer or the usual non committal grunt. ‘A small private Airfield out in the countryside, I have a private jet standing by, we will land in Germany then transfer to a helicopter for the final leg of the journey.’

‘Is the Hunting Lodge furnished and ready for us, or will we be expected to rough it,’ I asked. ‘ I have staff living in, everything will be prepared for our arrival, you will have a good room and a nice warm bed, if that is your concern,’ he replied grinning, which was so out of character for him, I found it most unnerving.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

6 thoughts on “Double in Trouble – Excerpt 33

  1. There’s a slight change in your style… isn’t there? A little harsher, down to earth? Don’t know how to say… but I feel a difference… that’s good…


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