Double in Trouble – Excerpt 32

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 32

  When I awoke the next morning, I felt for Kat, but she was missing. Then she came breezing through the bedroom door with a tray of coffee and toast. She was wearing one of my shirts with the sleeves rolled up, I had to admit that it never looked that sexy on me.

‘Did I wear you out, Lover boy!’ she said grinning, ‘It was quite a night!’ I was thinking it certainly was, I felt like i’d been run over by a London bus, Katrina was fit i must say that, I have no idea how many times we made love, only that I felt exhausted.

‘You better get a move on, we have to meet Schultz and Mayhew in an hour and half, you  had better get a shower and liven yourself up a little,’ ordered Kat.

I stood under the shower, cursing myself for not waking sooner, I can think of nothing nicer than sharing my morning shower with the lovely Katrina. Still, maybe all is not lost, maybe they will have a shower at the Hunting Lodge.

As soon as I was showered and dressed, I re-checked my case t o make sure I had packed everything that I considered I might need, then I called a cab, to deliver us to the office and the waiting arms of Schultz and Mayhew. Maybe this time Schultz might be pleased to see me, but I wasn’t taking bets on it, he just liked playing hard to get.

We had only just vacated the cab, when Mayhew shepherded us to a white transit hire van, which it appeared they had hired for this occasion. He opened the side door, Schultz was already seated inside, he signalled us to join him.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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