The Darkness Within – Excerpt 13

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 13

  The cut on her hand was not deep, so she wrapped her handkerchief round it. I watched it change colour as the blood seeped into it. I tapped her on the shoulder and signalled her to go outside.

As soon as we were clear of the premises, she asked me, ‘Did I want business?’ I should have known? she was a whore. Be that as it may, she had blood and I needed blood.

Once I had confirmed that I had money, and was willing to pay for her services, she held my arm and led me down a dark alley. Once we had reached the far end, where we were hidden by the darkness, She asked for payment in advance, which I handed her.

She pulled up her skirt, she had no knickers on. I unbuttoned my trousers and took out my penis, she took it in her hand and jerked it to erection. I looked down and I could see the blood-soaked handkerchief as she pulled me to her.

I entered her and her features seemed to change to those of Irina, My only love, and as I pumped inside her, I felt the bloodlust return and bit in to her exposed neck and drunk of her blood. She went limp for a moment, then screamed at the top of her voice. Her screams echoed all around the alley and beyond.

I pulled out of her, adjusted my clothing as best I could, then staggered back up the alley. Intent on escaping the scene as fast as I could, before anyone appeared to check out the noise. My only fear was that the Police might apprehend me, being a foreigner I had a healthy respect for them.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


Double in Trouble – Excerpt 37

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 37

  Thankfully the call to the evening meal was given, so we made our way to the dining room. It was a room and a half, I’m not sure how many the table could seat, but it must be two dozen  at least.

Besides Kat and myself, there was Mayhew and Schultz, Sergei, who I was introduced too, and his numerous relatives and the two technicians. The food appeared to be Polish, which was hardly surprising, for starters we had a beetroot soup which was quite tasty, followed by a meat dish, I wasn’t certain of its provenance, but like the soup it was edible.

After we had eaten our fill, we were shown through to an annexe laid out with tables and chairs and a small corner bar. Schultz announced, anything you would like to drink just ask the barman.

I went to the bar and Sergei joined me, He said that everything was prepared and ready, I gave him a smile and a nod of approval, then ordered two whisky and sodas for Kat and myself.

So far, everything was ticking over nicely, but I mustn’t get complacent, there were so many things that could go wrong, even at this late stage. But look on the bright side, all is well at the moment.

I passed Kat her whisky and soda, She smiled and thanked me and asked, ‘What were you and Sergei discussing, you looked like old friends?’ ‘He was just explaining to me, that if all the bidders arrive on time, the auction will be held the day after tomorrow!’

(C) Damian Grange 2018


Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 35 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 35 )

  I turned back to Cathy Eddowes, who credit to her, had followed my instructions and staunched the flow of blood. I bade her to keep Mary calm whilst I summoned a carriage, I was taking Mary home, The only place where she would receive comfort and care.

I knew Mrs Mc Ginty would care for her, for she was too Christian a woman, not too. I could safely trust Mary to her care. My only concern was that due to the shock and loss of blood she may develop sepsis. But she is young and strong, I pray that she survives.

All I would have to do is check her medical recovery. If that sounds callous and uncaring, it is not. Mary is but one of the many patients I must care for, The populace of Whitechapel is entrusted to my care, she is but one of them.

Due to the no doubt splendid care she received from Mrs Mc Ginty, Mary was soon on the mend, She was still recuperating in bed, but the colour was returning to her cheeks and she seemed none the worse for her ordeal.

When I visited and sat with her, she never broached the subject and neither did I. I am sure that we both wished that it had never happened. Mary seems a little estranged toward me, whether this is guilt for not confiding in me about our child, or discomfort because she feels she owes me her life, I know not.

Mary Kelly’s dairy 10th December 1886

I feel I should be happy, but I’m not, I’m still here at Jack’s but its not the same. Once he looked at me with love and longing, but now all I see is pity, and when he tires of pitying me. What then! Will I be told to go, get out there and fend for myself. As soon as I am well enough, I will leave, with my pride intact, for I have nothing else of value. I don’t want to go, but I can’t stay with a man who doesn’t love me.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


The Darkness Within – Excerpt 12

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 12

  I know now for a fact, that given a certain set of circumstances and that the instinct for survival is strong enough in the individual. That person will commit horrendous acts if they are necessary to prolong or assure his or her own survival.

I was given two months off work to recover from my injuries and the trauma of being incarcerated underground. I felt fine until I decided to go for a drink in the Miners Welfare. The moment I walked in the bar, all conversation’s stopped and all eyes seemed to be upon me, or so it seemed. Did they all know what I had done, was it feelings of guilt or just my paranoia that made me feel this way.

Then as one they stood and applauded me, all my shift mates were offering to buy me drinks. This was ridiculous, they were treating me like a hero, not the coward and killer that I was. This was bizarre, it made me feel even more paranoid. I made my excuses and left rapidly.

I decided to head in to the city, at least there I could be anonymous. I frequented several public houses, intent on getting myself drunk, at least then my thoughts might not be quite so lucid. Closing time was fast approaching so I ordered a couple of pints for the road. I was happily drunk but not yet incapable.

A young woman staggered towards me, and lurched in to me, knocking my glass from my hand and cutting herself in the process. I had been fine, But the moment I saw the blood running, all the old urges returned. I had to have her!

(C) Damian Grange 2018

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 36

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 36

  When we were ushered to the room we were to be sharing, to Kat’s delight it has a huge four poster bed with curtains, something she seemed to think was the height of opulence. I just thought, Oh, my god! does this woman never cease, we are on the verge of embarking on a dangerous mission and all she can think about is the size and comfort of the bed. But then, maybe its her way of distracting herself from the obvious build up of tension as we get closer to achieving our goal.

At the moment it is something of a waiting game, the bidders are supposedly arriving in the morning. Until they are assigned their rooms, and settled in on the second floor, We can’t send in the signal about Palenkov’s supposed escape.

After breakfast, I’ll see if I can’t talk Schultz in to showing me where the Warheads are stored, I’m pretty certain I already know but its nice to know for certain, it will all save time.

For the moment all we can do is lounge around in our room killing time, hopefully they will soon feed us, but until then we are playing the waiting game, it’s such a drag, waiting for something to happen.

We couldn’t discuss the mission in any way, Schultz might have the room bugged, in his place, I most certainly would. So, all we could do was make small talk, about us, the couple that didn’t exist outside of these four walls.

Kat was in her element discussing imaginary friends love lives, why so and so should never wear that colour, and such and such should stop wearing her skirts so short, it always attracted the wrong type of man, and on and on and on. One thing for sure if we were being monitored, they would have earache big style by now.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 34 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 34 )

  I was furious with Mary, but even angrier with her so-called friends who had convinced her of this course. If anything should happen to Mary, I will have the pack of them hung, or worse still seek recompense in my own way, which will be most severe.

We soon arrived at Granny’s she was sprawled in a chair in a stupor, stinking of gin. Mary lay on the bed, blood spilling from between her thighs. I took out a bottle of surgical spirits and told Cathy Eddowes to rinse her hands in it, she had bought Mary to this sorry state, she could help save her.

I gave her clean cloths and told her to clean off as much of the blood as she could. She was not making much headway as the blood was still pulsing out. there was only one solution that I could think of and that was to insert a plug to soak up the blood and seal  the wound.

My only concern was that the wound might be infected, if she contracted sepsis, I doubted that even my skill could save her life. I explained to Cathy what must be done to save Mary’s life. I passed her the clean bandages and instructed her to force then as tightly as she could in to the wound until it was securely plugged.

I told her not to concern herself about hurting Mary, she was beyond pain, just concentrate on plugging the wound and stopping the flow of blood. Then I turned on Granny, I shook her awake and told her angrily,’ If she dies as a result of your drunken fumbling, I’ll see you hung from a gibbet on Ludgate Hill, you stupid sot, you had best retire and consider what you have done.’ It took me all my time not to strike her down, I was absolutely furious with her, for the damage she had caused. Thanks to her, Mary’s life was in Jeopardy and mine had once again been turned upside down.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

An Award Nomination – A Lovely Surprise

An Award Nomination – A Lovely Surprise

Today I received an award nomination from Asha Seth of The Musing Quill. A lady whose writing and poetry I greatly admire. The Nomination is for the The Mystery Blogger Award created by Okoto Enigma.

I was asked three questions by Asha, These are my answers:

Question 1) When not writing, what captures your fancy.

I have lots of different hobbies, at the moment I am making model planes.

Question 2) One favourite poem/ blog that has stayed with you.

I adore Nandita’s poetry, so sensual.

Question 3) What excites you on a hard day, to look forward to the next day.

If my audience approve of something I have written, that I was unsure about.

My Nominations Are:



Ekaterina Tretiakova


Velvet Screams

Sulaiman Hafeez

My Questions are, 1) What motivates you to write.

2) If you could be a famous writer, who would you be.

3) Why do you blog?

Good luck to all my nominees, I await your answers

Air Aces of World War One


1-indra-lal-roy-corneredzoneLT. Indra Lal ‘Laddie’ Roy – 1897 / 1917 India’s Fighter Ace

Indra Lal Roy was born in Calcutta, India, Where his father was a barrister and Director of Public Prosecutions. Indra was sent to England to further his education. He was at St. Pauls School in Hammersmith when the First World War began.

He applied for service with the Royal Flying Corps, but was initially rejected with defective eyesight. Roy paid for a consultation with an eye specialist and as a result the decision was overturned. He joined the R.F.C. in July 1917, and was Posted to No.56 Sqn. in France at the end of October.

A week later he crashed his S.E.5a, and in consequence was sent back to England for further training. There he was categorised as unfit for further training, but he persisted and  got this ruling cancelled.

He then returned to France, as a member of George McElroy’s flight in No.40 Sqn. Between the 6th and 19th of July he scored 10 victories, 4 and 1shared destroyed, 4 and 1 shared out of control. He was then subsequently shot down in a dogfight with Fokker D VIIs of Jasta 29.

This gallant young Airman, aged only 19, was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was and still is to my knowledge, India’s only fighter ace, a title he has held for over a hundred years.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


The Darkness Within – Excerpt 11

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 11

  I was woken on what I took to be my fourth day alone and imprisoned, by a persistant tapping, once again I thought I was delirious and imagining things in my head. It took me a moment or two to get my wits together, then I realised that the tapping was coming from the other side of the wall that was imprisoning me.

Rescue now suddenly seemed a possibility, I picked up a piece of rock and began tapping on the wall trying my utmost to tap between their taps so they would realise I was in here and alive. They were answering me tap for tap, they knew I was in here.

You cannot possibly imagine the euphoria I felt. I was soon to be freed, then another thought struck me, How do i explain the condition of Imre’s corpse and the fact that I alone survived. I got in to this situation, how can I possibly get out of it.

The Rescue team took several hours to break through to where I was. The leader of the team examined Imre’s corpse and said the rats had obviously had a field day with his corpse and looking at the bites that I myself had sustained only helped to confirm the fact.

It was all well and good, but he seemed to be appraising me, did he know or even have suspicions of what I had done. Could he have guessed that I had murdered my friend so that I myself could survive, or was I just being paranoid.

I didn’t understand it, He was saying nothing, he was making no accusations, no judgements, then it dawned on me. In the years he had spent rescuing survivors, maybe he had seen much worse.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 35

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 35

  Schultz announced that we were cleared to go, and would we all please board the helicopter. As soon as we were all settled the pilot ascended, we were off on this, the final leg of our journey.

It came as something of a surprise when we reached the Hunting Lodge, I had been expecting something along the lines of a large chalet, but it was anything but. it looked like a throwback to the Austro – Hungarian Empire, this Hunting Lodge was built like a small castle.

I could see now why it had been chosen for the Auction, It had just the right amount of austerity to impress our bidders, that old bourgeois charm. And it was quite remote. We knew now that we would have no concern over our quarters, the place just oozed comfort and olde-worlde charm. I image it still had its original interior with a few modern refinements, like showers and additional security features, cameras in the grounds, that type of thing. I had to take my hat off to Schultz, he could certainly pick his places.

We entered by the front doors and Kat said,  ‘Wow! its like visiting a stately home, I wonder if we’ve got a four-poster bed?’ ‘Don’t you ever think of anything else?’ I said not wishing to discourage her. ‘Well, yes I like to sleep, but I sleep better after,’ she lingered on the after, I got the point, I sometimes act vague, but I’m far from stupid, I got the message, loud and clear. to all intents it looked like it was going to be another rough night, did she never sleep.

(C) Damian Grange 2018