Double in Trouble – Excerpt 31

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 31

  Katrina unzipped her dress, and let it slowly slither down her body, needless to say, she had my full attention. Her dress hit the floor and I saw Kat dressed in skimpy black undies, I was convinced, you might say. I was in fact quite sold on the idea of having her in my bed.

Kat gave me the knowing smile, and said, ‘Are you planning on getting undressed or are you planning to sleep in that suit?’ I got the point and started rapidly undressing, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kat remove her bra and panties and slip into my bed.

I’m normally quite careful when it comes to hanging up my clothes and keeping them neat and tidy, but tonight, I thought ‘Sod it!’ I had a more pressing engagement. I pulled back the sheets and appraised Kat’s naked body it was all that I expected and more.

Since our first meeting their had been a sexual undercurrent passing between us, I think it was fated, that sooner or later we would end up in this position. ‘Ok! big boy, you can put your tongue back in , I am real, so are you just going to stand there?’ Taunted Kat.

What can I say, my reputation was at stake, so I pulled back the covers and moved toward’s her with every intention of proving a point.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

Photo – Courtesy of Pinterest



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