The Darkness Within – Excerpt 5

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 5

  The girls sauntered forward, smiling and wiggling their hips, making the Russians aware of what might be on offer. The Russians moved towards them, but there was a problem, there were three, not two.

Damn! that placed the girls between him and Taras. What now? the girls must change position or take out all three Russians. I was sweating with panic, despite the cold weather. I had a feeling of impending doom, I don’t know for who.

Irina, still smiling invitingly, reached inside her coat, pulled out her pistol and shot one of the Russians between the eyes. Zorcha attempted to do the same, but her weapon snagged inside her clothing, The third Russian shot her, she fell, wounded maybe dead.

At that moment, the post was petrol bombed and all hell broke loose. There were Russians appearing from every direction. I ran towards Irina, firing as I ran, the other two Russians fell, I don’t know by my hand or Taras who was indiscriminately spraying bullets at the advancing Russian troops.

I half grabbed, half pushed Irina, and shouted, ‘Run as if your life depended on it, it just may!’ And so we ran, down streets , alleys, jumping fences and whatever other obstacles lay in our path, until all sounds of pursuit had died away behind us.

We eventually arrived at one of our hide-outs, a cellar below a bombed out factory. it was damp and cold, but it offered us safety, for a little while at least. I was fine until the darkness came down, due to the trauma of the ambush and all that had occurred since, i broke down in tears.

(C) Damian Grange 2018





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