Double in Trouble – Excerpt 29

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 29

‘I totally agree with you,’ she said, ‘There is far too much opposition for us to even contemplating disarming the Warheads, we need a serious diversion of some kind to lure them away from the Hunting Lodge, Have you any ideas?’

‘I’ve a germ of an idea, we need something big, what if, Palenkov managed to escape and is on his way here, Wouldn’t that shake everything up a little!’ I stated.

‘Brilliant!’ said Kat, giving me an excited hug, ‘I think in that situation Schultz would muster his troops and set up ambush sites, possibly Mayhew too, After all he does have a big stake in this.’

‘So, that just leaves the Bidders, but I don’t think they will be allowed to wander at will, they will be under a guard of some kind, ‘ I stated with a degree of certainty. ‘So, unless they were roped in that just leaves the Technicians for us to deal with, I shouldn’t think they will be too much of a problem,’ declared Kat.

‘When we are on site, could you get Tommy to relay the message about Palenkov to Sergei, after all, he is the one with the most to lose, after Schultz of course.’ I replied. ‘A piece of cake, consider it done!’ said a smiling Kat.

‘In that case, beautiful Katrina, we now have a plan!’ I filled two glasses with brandy and handing one to Katrina, ‘To success! I toasted, clinking glasses.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


11 thoughts on “Double in Trouble – Excerpt 29

  1. I’m here to join in the toast!

    (The OCD in me has a question and a suggestion.
    Q: If all the excerpts are put together, do they form the whole story, or are they still just excerpts?
    S: Not sure if it made sense to you, but have you thought about adding an index of your stories? Like a place where someone could find all the excerpts for “Double in Trouble”? Even adding a link to your previous excerpt of the series in every following post?)

    (Side note: Sir, are you aware that your “About” page seems to not be there? It says “Not found”.)


  2. They do form the whole story, they follow on in chronological order. Its only recently that someone explained how to get headers on my page, regarding my about page it only says the same as my home page, so I didn’t worry when it vanished. Thank you for your support and comments!


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