Double in Trouble – Excerpt 28

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 28

  Now that we had considered the Warheads, the next problem was once they were disarmed, who could collect / store the Uranium / Plutonium in a place that was both safe and secure.

‘Not a major problem, I feel sure that with a little coaxing my Boss would let me have an helicopter on call, to both retrieve the missile’s cores and the pair of us,’ replied Kat confidently.

‘Well!’ that certainly beats playing hide and go seek with the bidders, That’s a game I would happily avoid, they play nasty and they will be armed.’ I replied with a degree of certainty.

We resumed our scrutiny of the plans, the building had two floors and a large cellar, which was almost like another floor, but underground.

‘I’d like to bet the Warheads are stored in the cellar, and the technicians and their protective clothing will be in one of the adjacent rooms and I’ll also bet that in one of those cellar rooms you will find Schultz and Mayhew, Now that the plan has progressed this far, Schultz will be virtually sleeping with them.’ I stated.

‘Have you any thoughts on where we are likely to be staying?’ queried Kat. ‘If I had planned this, I would say the ground floor or the cellar, there aren’t many rooms in the cellar, so I’d plump for the ground floor. We will more than likely be sharing the floor with Sergei and his relatives, I think the bidders will be segregated on the second floor until they are needed, I don’t think Schultz would like them wandering about.’

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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