Jack the Ripper – A Love Story – ( Excerpt 26 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 26 )

  Mary Jane Kelly’s diary 11th April 1886

Well now I’ve gone and done it!, I was made an offer that I couldn’t refuse and here I am, I have my own room as Doctor Jack’s guest. He says he wants nothing from me, but sooner all later all men want something from a girl like me, but to me that wouldn’t be a problem, Jack is kind and generous, what more could a girl like me want. the girls have all given me lots of advice, but I am happy just being here with Jack. He is such a good man, I have no wish to abuse or hurt him, no matter what they say. If truth be known, they are probably jealous, ’cause I’ve found a cushy berth.

As I made notes in the cellar about my current experiment, my thoughts kept wandering to my lodger, Mary Jane Kelly. She wasn’t the lady like Isabelle, but what little she lacks in manners, she more than makes up for in personality. She has a totally wicked sense of humour and had me in fits of laughter over dinner. With her around life will certainly not be dull.

I have no doubt in my mind that she is something of a rough diamond, but all diamonds start in the rough. In different clothes and different surroundings, I feel sure she could shine with the best of them. But its early times yet, we shall see.

I shall see her again at breakfast and dinner, she enhances my life and my table, all that matters to me is her happiness, and that I might somehow share in it. It sounds such a simple thing, but I feel she, like me has been sorely used. I want to be her friend and protector. But for now, one small step at a time.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

17 thoughts on “Jack the Ripper – A Love Story – ( Excerpt 26 )

  1. I so enjoy this series,i love serial killer stories,fictional or factual…..if someone has a good look at my library might think I m a psychopath…..sorry on computer no laughing emoji available


  2. It’s interesting to read Mary Jane’s feelings for Jack in her diary.

    And then Jack’s own feelings.

    It will be interesting to read what happens- what was the final spark that so twisted Jack’s personality, he turned from kind gentle physician to serial killer.

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