The Darkness Within – Excerpt 3

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 3

Β  After a couple of days of rioting the Russian tanks moved in to the city, destroying everything in their path. They had every intention of teaching us a hard and lasting lesson about the cost of rebellion.

Once the people had been cleared off the Streets, it became more of an occupation with Russian troops posted on Street corners and Intersections. These posts were generally managed by a handful of soldiers.

Our group held a meeting, and decided on a strategy to obtain more weapons. The two girls in the group were both young and attractive, so we decided to set a honey trap for the Russian soldiers.

We carefully chose secluded posts, where support would be delayed. The girls would approach and make eyes at the soldiers on sentry duty, it took lots of smiling and posturing but the Russians eventually got the message. They laid down their weapons and advanced grinning towards the girls.

This was the signal for myself and Taras, the two biggest men in the group to come out of the shadows and garrotte the Russians, the girls would collect their weapons and ammunition and hand them over to the waiting men who formed the remainder of our group.

They would then throw a petrol bomb at the post, anyone exposing themselves would be shot with their own weapons. Once the onslaught was over, we would swoop in, salvage whatever weapons and ammunition we could. Then as quick as possible return to our hideout. The cellar of a derelict factory on the outskirts of the city.

The first time we attempted this, it worked beautifully, we walked away unscathed with three rifles, two handguns, several grenades and a decent amount of ammunition. All taken in to account, it was a rewarding nights work. Maybe not a major event in terms of the Rebellion, but little acorns and all that, it was a good start.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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