Double in Trouble – Excerpt 27

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 27

  On my way home I called Kat, to see if she had, had any joy with the plans for the Hunting Lodge. Her, reply was in the affirmative and she would be at my flat at 8p.m.

This was excellent news, at least now we could get a basic plan together, of course there were a hundred and one things that could and might go wrong, but at least we could have the basic framework of a plan. Knowing the lay of the land was an advantage.

Kat arrived just before eight, I let her in, she kissed me on the cheek as she passed me mmm… this is something new, she must be looking forward to our little winter holiday.

Whilst I made coffees, Kat unrolled the plans of the Hunting Lodge on to the table, so that we could both study them and offer suggestions. With the intention that by both offering suggestions, we could form the basis of a plan for disarming the Warheads.

‘First!’ stated Kat, ‘We have to address the Warheads, they will have either a Uranium or Plutonium core. Uranium is not a major problem, but plutonium is something else, it is radio-active so that we would require sealable containers to place it in we would also need protective suits, this is highly volatile material to handle.’

‘Assuming the Warheads were stolen from the Russians, what is the core likely to be?’ I enquired, I was getting a bad feeling about handling these things. ‘If they are older, Cold War period they will most certainly be Uranium, if they are relatively modern, they could be either. But there are technicians too hand, so protective suits will be available on site.’

Everything she said made perfect sense, but I was far from being convinced, the terms frying pans and fire kept running through my mind.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

6 thoughts on “Double in Trouble – Excerpt 27

  1. Uranium… plutonium…
    disarming warheads might spell pandemonium…

    Sorry, after reading that discussion about whether the warheads might be uranium or plutonium, that little poetic verse suddenly entered my mind. 😊


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