Double in Trouble – Excerpt 26

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 26

  ‘You can take bets on it, Abramski won’t be able to talk his way out of this one,’ Replied Kat. ‘Amen to that, it couldn’t happen to two nicer people!’ I stated and meant it.

Kat and I arranged to meet the following evening. Hopefully she would have plans of the hunting lodge, If we have knowledge of the layout, It would make life so much easier.

But before then I had to report to Schultz and Mayhew for more tuition in Russian, and possibly a little more information, who know’s? I certainly don’t.

After something of a restless night, spent considering how many different scenario’s could end up with my head on the block. I felt a little better after a hot shower and a full breakfast.

On arriving at the Office, I was given my usual gushing welcome by Mayhew and the usual non-committal shrug from Schultz, who I’m sure was also pleased to see me. Nothing was venture and Olga was summoned and I resumed my tuition.

I didn’t mind, Olga had a sense of humour and made my learning as much fun as she could, bearing in mind that Schultz and Mayhew were never very far from us. We took our usual break for lunch, Olga was as usual sent for coffee and sandwiches, I tried to work on Mayhew while Olga was out of the Office. but while Schultz was around he would say nothing.

Olga returned with lunch, we made a little small talk over our coffee and sandwiches, then it was back to work, if you choose to term it that way. At around 4.30 Mayhew said to call it a day, and he would see us both again in the morning.

He informed me that tomorrow was my last day, so my Russian must be faultless, they would be testing me. It came as something of a shock, but in all reality I should have expected no less. They had to be sure I wouldn’t compromise the operation.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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