Jack the Ripper – A Love Story (Excerpt 24 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 24 ) 

 ‘ Well!’ I said, still procrastinating, ‘I would like to offer you a room in my house, before you misunderstand my offer, I want nothing from you but the occasional company at mealtimes. You will live rent free and be treated as if you were a paying guest until such time as you can fend for yourself.’

She looked a little surprised by my offer, I have no idea what she had been expecting, maybe some sort of proposition, she is after all an attractive young woman. I’m sure that many men in my position would have tried a much coarser approach.

‘I’m flummoxed, Jack! you have me totally at a loss for words, of course I most gracefully accept, you are such a good man, A real prince!’ Replied Mary.

‘I will instruct Mrs Mc Ginty to prepare a room ready for your arrival, will you need a carriage for your belongings,’ I enquired. ‘I’ll be fine, I’ve only one battered old suitcase and I can manage that. Are you going to give me your address, then I can be all settled in when you return from the Infirmary.’

‘That’s wonderful, I’ll let Mrs Mc Ginty know to expect you!’ I replied. Mary left, with a smiling face and I returned back to my duties, I wondered had I done the right thing, once again I had let my heart rule my head. Then I thought of sharing my mealtimes in the company of Mary and my doubts soon evaporated.

I decided to pop home at lunch time and inform Mrs Mc Ginty of the situation, She didn’t take it at all well, I have no idea what her problem is with Mary, or whether she was merely trying to protect me from my own folly.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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