Double in Trouble – Excerpt 25

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 25

  ‘I agree, if we have some idea of the layout beforehand, It may well prove to be useful, its always handy to have your escape routes planned, just in case it all goes pear-shaped, it won’t hurt to have plans in hand’ I stated.

‘A good idea!’ said Kat, ‘We can’t trust Abromski or Mayhew, Sergei is an unknown quantity but appears to be hired help, best class him as dubious, as you said, it won’t hurt to have plans in hand.’

‘I have been racking my brains trying to think how many we may be up against, if push comes to shove. Abromski, Mayhew and Sergei, Sergei’s relatives, say half a dozen and I would imagine he would have a couple of technicians on hand, about a dozen, maybe more? I stated.

‘We have also to consider the bidders, the principals will have at least one armed minder, maybe several, these are very dangerous men and the stakes are high. To do what we are planning to do, neutralise the Warheads, is not going to be easy,’ Kat considered.

‘I think Tommy and his boys are going to have to create a diversion of some description, like the old magic trick, get them all looking elsewhere, while the Lady vanishes!’ Kat thought for a moment, then gave me a big hug, ‘ That is a bloody brilliant idea, if we can distract them for long enough so that we have time to neutralise the Warheads, and fly the coop before they return. Which leaves Abromski and Mayhew to explain why they are trying to sell dud Warheads to some of the nastiest factions in the world!’ Kat stated.

‘So, you are sure they are due a very sticky end?’ I queried with Kat. ‘You can take bets on it, Abromski, won’t manage to talk his way out of this one!’ ‘ Amen to that, It couldn’t happen to two nicer people!’ I stated and meant every word.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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