Casanova and the Florentine Countess – Excerpt 10

Casanova and the Florentine Countess – Excerpt 10

  Falcone continued blustering and complaining of the injustice of my terms. I smiled and attempted to calm him down, ‘This is simple, Signori are we gambling or are you folding and giving me the pot?’ I could almost hear him thinking, he had a winning hand, was it worth chancing the jewel, then just as I knew he would, he assented to the wager.

I immediately raised him another 2,500 ducati, He looked like he had been pole-axed, ‘But Signor, I have nothing left to wager?’ he mumbled looking downcast. ‘I have a proposition for you Signor, I rather like the way you dress, I could see myself in your suit, If i win, I want the clothes off your back and any others that are in your room, are you in agreement!’ naturally he agreed, he thought he had the winning hand.

We shook hands on the wager and Falcone turned his cards, grinning triumphantly, the fool. as he turned his cards revealing Three Kings he was nodding to his friends and gesticulating at me, They say revenge is a dish best eaten cold and I smiled sweetly as i turned over my Trio of Threes, Falcone nearly had a seizure, he went ashen, hands out imploring his friends for help, but they all turned their backs to him.

‘First Signori, the Jewel,’ he reached in his jacket pocket and handed it to me, I checked, it looked authentic enough. ‘And now your clothes, all of them!’ I put stress on the word all. He stripped naked in the Duchess’s Salon, I have never seen a man so humiliated, but no man deserved it more. I slowly appraised his naked body, Then smiling and shaking my head, I said, ‘Well Signor, there is very little there to boast about! It’s no wonder the Countess sent for Casanova!  I picked up his belt and whipped him across the buttocks, Saying,’Run Signor, before they arrest you for public indecency, there are ladies present!’

He did get arrested, and fool that I am, I had him released a week later. What was I doing for a week you may ask? Doing what a libertine always does, doing a service and getting one in return and I also had to get re-acquainted with my old friend, The Duchess. I would say more, but a gentleman never tells!

(C) Damian Grange 2018


17 thoughts on “Casanova and the Florentine Countess – Excerpt 10

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, my next serial will not be Casanova, it will be something a little darker! But I am sure I will revisit Casanova, I rather like the Period and the people.


    1. Whatever I write I always attempt to slip in a little dry humour wherever possible, Unfortunately that is the last of Casanova, I am trying something a little darker but he will definitely return! Thank you for your comment!

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  2. The same to you, by the way my Casanova is also a Vampire but he only uses his skills when in dire peril, The earlier tale is about him taking on a family of werewolves. Thank you for your approval its always good when a fellow writer enjoys your work!

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  3. I’ve sent Casanova back to bed for the time being. But once I finish the Ripper project, I am thinking along the lines of the Casanova Chronicles, a book of short stories and encounters. Thank you so much for your interest and encouragement.


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