Double in Trouble – Excerpt 24


Double in Trouble – Excerpt 24

  ‘And when I have played my part, what happens then?’ I needed an answer. ‘You will be taken back to London and a seriously large amount of money will be transferred to your bank account, I have all your details. We part company in East Germany, never to see each other again, does that answer all your questions,’ he almost snarled at me.

He left saying he would see me at the Office the following day. He hadn’t left a moment too soon, I was expecting Kat, She would be here in moments, They would meet soon enough.

I had just made myself a coffee, when Kat arrived, so I told her to sit, while I made one for her. It was a small gesture, but she seemed to approve. Once she was sat comfortably with her mug of coffee, she asked, ‘Had I more information for her?’

‘A little our trip to East Germany is in four days time, apparently it would seem Palenkov’s operation has been bought forwards, is that Ok with you and your people?’ ‘That’s fine, no problem, what else have you found out?’

‘The Auction is taking place at a hunting lodge, near the Polish Border, I tried it on with Schultz, but that’s all I could get him to venture’ I replied sadly. ‘How do we get there have you been told?’ she asked once again.

‘According to Schultz, we are flying, but I don’t know in what or from which Airport? Schultz gives nothing away, he’s not a blabbermouth like Mayhew,’ was my reply.

‘We might have actually had a stroke of luck, I seem to recall that in Abromski’s file, there was a reference to a Hunting Lodge, that was one of his hide-outs, I’ll check on the location, but I’ve an idea we may have stumbled across something useful!’ was Kat’s opinion.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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