Casanova and the Florentine Countess – Excerpt 9

Casanova and the Florentine Countess – Excerpt 9

  Falcone sat smirking confidently because he had won the deal, but we were now playing with my marked deck, so I would dictate the play. I felt it was time for a little amusement, all at Falcone’s expense naturally.

As the play progressed, using the advantage that the marked deck gave me, I used my own cards to aid and abet others beside Falcone to win tricks. Falcone looked baffled, using his own marked deck he had the advantage. Now he appeared a less than average gambler, I could see he was getting annoyed but after my earlier veiled threat he chose to say nothing, which was probably very wise.

And then it came my turn to deal the cards, I dealt Falcone what must have appeared to be the winning hand, his face almost lit up, he was no poker player, The other players I dealt average hands and myself the undoubted winning hand.

Falcone Immediately knocked, he appeared so overconfident that the other players folded. ‘You appear confident, Signor Falcone, would you like to raise the ante a little?’ I asked, not wishing to appear too eager, and raise his guard.

‘I will raise 1,000 ducati!’ he said smirking. ‘Is that all, I thought you were supposed to be a gambler?’ I said, daring him to go higher. ‘2,500 ducati!’ he said, looking slightly less confident. ‘I will raise you 2,500 more Signor, are you still confident.’

‘Will you accept my note for the 2,500 Ducati,’ He asked. ‘I will not accept your note, but I am led to believe you have in your possession, a jewel, a gift from a lady, I am willing to accept that in place of your 2,500 ducati, but that alone!’ I stated firmly.

‘The jewel is worth more than that!’ insisted Falcone. ‘ Unfortunately, not to me, I would simply return it to it’s rightful owner, The Countess whom you duped, So take it or leave it, that is my only offer!’ I stated and meant every word.

(C) Damian Grange 2018



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