Double in Trouble – Excerpt 23

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 23

  Olga returned with the sandwiches, we had a short recess, then my tuition began anew. We continued for another couple of hours, Schultz had still not returned, so Mayhew decided to call it a day. I was pleased because I felt I had a little more information for the lovely Kat to consider.

I popped in to a Restaurant on the way home, treated myself to a decent meal, then rang Kat from the Restaurant, I asked, ‘Was she free later, I had a few little tit-bits of information that may interest her.’ ‘I can be at your flat at 8p.m. if that’s good for you?’ she replied. ‘Perfect!’ was my answer, ‘I’ll see you then!’

I paid my bill, left the Restaurant, and walked home to my flat. I had a surprise when I got there, who was waiting at my door than friend Schultz, was I in trouble? ‘Don’t look so alarmed!’ he stated in his harsh guttural accent, ‘Things have changed, We, are bringing the Auction forward by a week, I need you and your girlfriend ready to travel in four days, time, the timing is crucial!’ The clinic has bought Palenkov’s operation forward.

‘That shouldn’t present too much of a problem, my girlfriend will be around later, so I can sort it with her, we both have current British passports, so everything should be fine.’ ‘Ensure that your woman knows, this is business, not a holiday one suitcase each only and pack winter clothing, you will probably need it!’

‘May I ask when the actual Auction will take place, and where? it would be nice to know, and will I be meeting the bidders at some juncture. I’d like to know because I am sure that Palenkov has made many enemies, maybe even some of the bidders?’

‘When we land, you will be taken to the place of Auction, for your security, Sergei will have two armed men on your door at all times, your safety will not be compromised in any way.’ ‘ By that, are you implying that I, as Palenkov, may have enemies amongst the bidders?’ I asked angrily. ‘I am not implying anything, just playing safe, you are an asset and as such, must be protected.’ Was his confident reply.

(C) Damian Grange 2018




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