The Darkness Within – Excerpt 7

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 7

  My only option left was to get out of Hungary, before the Russians caught me and killed me too. With that thought in mind I headed to the Austrian border. From Austria I headed in to Holland, to Rotterdam where I managed to work my passage on board a ship heading for England.

On landing in England, I immediately declared myself as a political refugee, stated that the Russians probably had a price on my head. I was placed in a detention camp for three months, while my story was checked and re-checked. I was annoyed by this, but the Cold War was at its height, I suppose I was viewed as a possible spy / saboteur.

Once they had proved my identification beyond doubt, I was summoned and informed that I would be moving to a City called Nottingham. I would be employed in a coal mine called Gedling, A few miles north of the City.

For some inexplicable reason known only to themselves, the British seemed to have this conception that all Hungarians were miners. When in actual fact we are more of a farming Community. There are some mines but nowhere near the amount that there are in Britain.

I was sent to Nottingham with a fellow Hungarian, By the name of Imre Tankowicz who had worked as a miner. Imre took me under his wing and explained what it was like to work underground. I’d be a liar to say that I was thrilled with the thought, but as Imre explained there was a compliment of men to each shift, so I wouldn’t be alone in the dark.

Both Imre and I were soon accepted by our fellow miners, Imre became known as Jimmy the tank, I was never quite sure if it was his stocky build, or his prodigious thirst for the local ale. I became known as Tibby Jerks, mainly because they hadn’t a clue how pronounce Tibor Szerkes. Neither Imre or myself had problems with this, we were accepted and that was all that mattered.

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Double in Trouble – Excerpt 31

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 31

  Katrina unzipped her dress, and let it slowly slither down her body, needless to say, she had my full attention. Her dress hit the floor and I saw Kat dressed in skimpy black undies, I was convinced, you might say. I was in fact quite sold on the idea of having her in my bed.

Kat gave me the knowing smile, and said, ‘Are you planning on getting undressed or are you planning to sleep in that suit?’ I got the point and started rapidly undressing, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kat remove her bra and panties and slip into my bed.

I’m normally quite careful when it comes to hanging up my clothes and keeping them neat and tidy, but tonight, I thought ‘Sod it!’ I had a more pressing engagement. I pulled back the sheets and appraised Kat’s naked body it was all that I expected and more.

Since our first meeting their had been a sexual undercurrent passing between us, I think it was fated, that sooner or later we would end up in this position. ‘Ok! big boy, you can put your tongue back in , I am real, so are you just going to stand there?’ Taunted Kat.

What can I say, my reputation was at stake, so I pulled back the covers and moved toward’s her with every intention of proving a point.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 29 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 29 )

  Three months have passed by, they have literally flown. Mary and I are still together, she is starting to become more a companion, than guest, but I have no complaints, in fact in truth, I rather like it.

We sit at the dinner table and discuss the events of the day, just like a great many couples do, although we are not a couple in the accepted sense.

Mrs Mc Ginty, has just received some disturbing news, her sister who lives up North has taken seriously ill. Both the Mc Ginty’s have not unreasonably asked if they might have time off to visit her ailing sister.

Mary, Bless her, has stepped up and said that in Mrs Mc Ginty’s absence, she will cook and run the household, Finally Mrs Mc Ginty approves of her.

And so, the Mc Ginty’s left, to visit her sister and Mary took over the household duties, the house was kept neat and tidy. She was no Mrs Mc Ginty, but here cooking was good enough.

Mary Jane Kelly’s diary July 15th 1886

The Mc Ginty’s are gone, I don’t know for how long, but I would think at least a week. I will have Jack all to myself, while they are away I am determined to establish myself in Jack’s affections. I know he cares for me, he just wants a little coaxing, to come forward and admit it. If it means seducing him, then so be it, I want him as my lover.

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The Darkness Within – Excerpt 6

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 6

  Irina came across to me and comforted me, she held me in her arms and pulled my head down to her breasts. We were both fully clothed, but it wasn’t long before her clothes were undone and I was sucking at her breasts like a hungry baby.

As I sucked and nuzzled she made little mewing noises, I had the idea that she didn’t actually dislike what I was doing to her. She lifted my head and kissed me hard on the lips, then her tongue slipped in to my mouth as her hands reached for my manhood.

I don’t really know what happened after that, only that we were two young and frightened animals seeking release and relief through each other’s bodies. It only lasted a short time, too soon had I spilled my seed in Irina. I had fumbled with many girls back home in the fields, But Irina was my first real lover.

Later that day, Taras and Istvan, The only other survivors of our group sought us out. They had been sheltered by friends sympathetic to our cause. We decided to have one last shot at the Russians, if only to avenge our lost comrades in arms. To prove they had not given their lives in vain, to our way of thinking the Russians owed us four lives.

This time the plan wasn’t at all subtle, we intended to petrol bomb their base, followed by grenades then kill all survivors, that simple or so it seemed at the time. But it was not to be.

We were making our way to the base, when we walked in to a Russian ambush, Taras was the first to fall under a fusillade of shots, Then Irina fell with a bullet in the neck, spraying me with blood, I could taste it on my lips.

I dived for the nearest alley and ran as if the hounds of hell were on my tail, I ducked, dived and changed direction a dozen times until I was sure I had lost all trace of my pursuers. With this last foray against the Russians, my days as a revolutionary ended.

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Double in Trouble – Excerpt 30

Double In Trouble – Excerpt 30

  ‘I hope you have a double bed?’ Queried Kat. ‘Why?’ I replied, somewhat bemused and wondering if I’d heard correctly. ‘We have to go to meet Schultz together in the morning, so I thought I’d stay here overnight, we have to get used to being around each other if we are to convince Schultz and Mayhew that we are a couple.’ Stated Kat, I could see her logic, it just came as something of a surprise to me.

‘I left my case in the hallway, if you’d like to fetch it through?’ said Kat. ‘Certainly, Madam, your wish is my command!’ I replied sarcastically. ‘And we’ll have none of your cheek Mister, remember who’s here to protect you’ replied Kat.

‘So, you are not coming to bed to sleep, you are going to stand guard over me while I rest’ Kat came to me, placed her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately on the lips, I wasn’t expecting this, but it wasn’t at all difficult to respond, she was a very attractive woman, and I was attracted to her.

After a long and lingering kiss, Kat released the pressure and said, ‘ Who said anything about sleep, we have to get acquainted first,’ followed by yet another lingering kiss. I have the distinct feeling I might just enjoy getting acquainted with the beautiful Kat.

We moved to the bedroom, I asked Kat, ‘Did she need anything from her case?’ She Replied, ‘No! I prefer to sleep naked.’ My mind was racing, I thought all My birthdays and Christmas’s had arrived in one Katrina shaped package.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 28 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 28 )

  I think Mary rather liked being treated like a lady and although she may not be one in the accepted sense, she looks and plays the part well. A lot of people would be fooled, dress her in slightly better clothing and she would easily pass as one.

I made up my mind there and then, to buy her some new dresses and maybe a nice walking out coat, she would then look perfect, the kind of lady I would be proud to have on my arm.

I won’t suggest it to her just yet, I’ll see how things go, I don’t want to make her uncomfortable by showering her with gifts, but I do want her to be happy here and stay with me.

If only I could understand the female of the species, like I understand my medicines, then my life would be much easier, for sure.

Mary Jane Kelly’s diary April 12th 1886

Jack, bless him, as just left for the Infirmary. I’m still pinching myself, to find a man like him in Whitechapel almost beggar’s belief. He is not just a good man, kindness shines from his eyes. It wouldn’t be hard to fall in love with such a man? But would it be accepted and returned? I have no way of knowing he keeps his emotions tightly reined, but I think In the past someone hurt him badly. I have no wish to hurt him again, nor will I do what the girls suggest and use him for what I can get out of him. I may be a whore, but even whore’s have more sense than to bite the hand that feeds them. This whore certainly as!

I strolled to the Infirmary with a spring in my step, and to my surprise found myself whistling again. It is surprising how a chance encounter can turn your life around. I have no notion of what may happen between Mary and myself, but then it’s still early days for both of us.

She, I’ve no doubt is flawed, but neither am I perfect, together we may both turn our lives around. I do hope that she stays. I am beginning to get used to her presence. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her? but I don’t think that is likely!

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Air Aces of World War One



Raymond collishaw
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Major Raymond Collishaw – Canadian Ace 1893 / 1976

Raymond Collishaw was born in British Columbia, Canada. His parents were Welsh immigrants. At the age of 15, Collishaw joined the Canadian Fisheries Protection Service as a cabin boy. He continued working on the ships and the coast until 1915, he reached the rank of First Officer.

When war first broke out in 1914, he applied to join the Royal Navy, but did not get a reply for some time. In the meantime, towards the end of 1915, he heard the Royal Naval Air Service was looking for recruits, so he applied to them. He had flight training in Toronto at his own expense and further training when he reached England.

He got his pilots qualification in January 1916. Then spent seven months patrolling the British coast. Then on 2nd of August 1916 he joined the R.N.A.S’s 3rd wing in France flying Sopwith 11/2 Strutters, some were equipped as bombers whilst others were 2 seat fighters.

Collishaw’s first recorded victory came while he was flying escort on the Wings first large scale raid into Germany. Their aim was to bomb the Mauser Rifle Factory at Obendorf, Germany.

The bombers had almost reached their target when they were attacked by six German Fokkers. Collishaw manoeuvred in to position so that his observer could fire at one of them, and he had evidently damaged it. Collishaw then turned, gained height and fired a burst with the front gun, The Fokker dived out of control and smashed in to the ground.

Collishaw’s next two victories were witnessed by thousands of French troops. He was ferrying a new aircraft from Wing H.Q. when he was jumped by six enemy aircraft, who were above him, Collishaw, like Barker and Mc Keever was happiest when close to the ground in this type of situation. At tree-top level the advantage in numbers meant much less, in two quick bursts, he sent two Albatroses crashing in to the trees, the others flew off. The French were so delighted by his performance that they awarded him the Croix de Guerre.

On December the 27th whilst flying home from a raid on the steel works at Dilligen, his aircraft was damaged in flight, he only just succeeded in gliding back over the French lines near Nancy where he crashed, the plane was a total wreck. It was the first of a number of crashes made by Collishaw, and set the precedent, no matter how wrecked the plane was, Collishaw stepped out of the wreckage grinning and ready to fly again.

In February 1917, Collishaw was transferred to No.3 Naval Squadron, which was operating with the army near Cambrai. During his two months there Collishaw was employed as escort to the Corps Squadron bombers, downing one enemy aircraft in the process. In April 1917 he returned to the coast, being transferred to No.10 Naval Squadron.

 To Be Continued……..

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The Darkness Within – Excerpt 5

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 5

  The girls sauntered forward, smiling and wiggling their hips, making the Russians aware of what might be on offer. The Russians moved towards them, but there was a problem, there were three, not two.

Damn! that placed the girls between him and Taras. What now? the girls must change position or take out all three Russians. I was sweating with panic, despite the cold weather. I had a feeling of impending doom, I don’t know for who.

Irina, still smiling invitingly, reached inside her coat, pulled out her pistol and shot one of the Russians between the eyes. Zorcha attempted to do the same, but her weapon snagged inside her clothing, The third Russian shot her, she fell, wounded maybe dead.

At that moment, the post was petrol bombed and all hell broke loose. There were Russians appearing from every direction. I ran towards Irina, firing as I ran, the other two Russians fell, I don’t know by my hand or Taras who was indiscriminately spraying bullets at the advancing Russian troops.

I half grabbed, half pushed Irina, and shouted, ‘Run as if your life depended on it, it just may!’ And so we ran, down streets , alleys, jumping fences and whatever other obstacles lay in our path, until all sounds of pursuit had died away behind us.

We eventually arrived at one of our hide-outs, a cellar below a bombed out factory. it was damp and cold, but it offered us safety, for a little while at least. I was fine until the darkness came down, due to the trauma of the ambush and all that had occurred since, i broke down in tears.

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Double in Trouble – Excerpt 29

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 29

‘I totally agree with you,’ she said, ‘There is far too much opposition for us to even contemplating disarming the Warheads, we need a serious diversion of some kind to lure them away from the Hunting Lodge, Have you any ideas?’

‘I’ve a germ of an idea, we need something big, what if, Palenkov managed to escape and is on his way here, Wouldn’t that shake everything up a little!’ I stated.

‘Brilliant!’ said Kat, giving me an excited hug, ‘I think in that situation Schultz would muster his troops and set up ambush sites, possibly Mayhew too, After all he does have a big stake in this.’

‘So, that just leaves the Bidders, but I don’t think they will be allowed to wander at will, they will be under a guard of some kind, ‘ I stated with a degree of certainty. ‘So, unless they were roped in that just leaves the Technicians for us to deal with, I shouldn’t think they will be too much of a problem,’ declared Kat.

‘When we are on site, could you get Tommy to relay the message about Palenkov to Sergei, after all, he is the one with the most to lose, after Schultz of course.’ I replied. ‘A piece of cake, consider it done!’ said a smiling Kat.

‘In that case, beautiful Katrina, we now have a plan!’ I filled two glasses with brandy and handing one to Katrina, ‘To success! I toasted, clinking glasses.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 27 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 27 )

  The next morning, I woke up feeling joyful, I felt that all in all my life had taken a turn for the better. I felt very positive about my position here at Whitechapel, Mary being in my life and all that might mean.

My greatest wish is that our friendship may grow in to something a little more tangible, I won’t use the word love, it is a word I neither like nor trust, I’m sure you know my reasons.

I performed my ablutions, then tapped on Mary’s door, To see if she was ready for breakfast, she said, ‘Come in, I’m decent!’ so I entered, she came to me hugged me and said, ‘Thank you so much, i have had the most wonderful nights sleep, best I’ve had in ages, I feel wonderful.’

‘You look wonderful! ‘I ventured, then thought had I been to forward, But Mary took it as the compliment, it was meant to be, ‘May I escort you down to breakfast?’ I asked. ‘You most certainly can, I feel like I could eat a small horse or ‘praps a pony.’

‘Well I don’t think that’s on the menu, but I’m sure it will be something substantial ‘ I assured her, I don’t know why, she had already sampled Mrs Mc Ginty’s fare.

We sat and breakfasted together, and I was entranced, both by Mary’s presence and her conversation, she was a little more subdued this morning, and I must admit, she played the lady of the house rather well, too well in fact, it was giving me ideas.

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