Double in Trouble – Excerpt 22

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 22

Olga arrived, and we started my tuition again, to be honest I found it fun, Another language is always useful in my profession, so why not Russian. There was no doubt in my mind that Olga was a excellent tutor. Mayhew for once left us to our own devices, maybe he had realised he had said too much. I think it more than likely he was sulking because Schultz hadn’t seen fit to take him along.

Things were going very well, Olga was delighted with my progress, we had progressed to question and answer sessions and short bursts of conversation. It was after one of these that Mayhew had to comment, ‘You are doing really fantastic, old sport! if I didn’t know better I’d take you for a Russki, you are Palenkov to a tee!’

I thanked him but said,’ Any credit should be given to Olga,’ she has been an absolutely   brilliant tutor, she makes it so easy, she, even has me thinking in Russian!’ Mayhew was feeling a little benevolent, so he gave Olga money for the sandwiches, no expense spared.

Whilst Olga was gone, I tried pumping him for more information, any little snippet might help in the long run. ‘Where will we be staying in East Germany? I’ve been there on assignments a couple of times, its really beautiful in places,’ I said trying to coax him in to starting a conversation.

‘I have never been there, but according to Schultz its some kind of hunting lodge, apparently quite close to the Polish border,’ volunteered Mayhew. ‘What about the bidding faction’s, how will they get there?’ I asked, I was interested.

‘They will be given a map reference, two days prior to the Auction. They will of course already be in Europe on standby, awaiting the final details,’ Stated Mayhew smugly, taking all the credit, for what, without a doubt had been Schultz’s plan.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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6 thoughts on “Double in Trouble – Excerpt 22

  1. So the auction will be taking place at a hunting lodge.

    Looking forward to reading it.

    Hopefully what happens at that hunting lodge won’t have the same disastrous consequences for the world as what happened at the Mayerling hunting lodge back in January 1889.


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