Casanova and the Florentine Countess – Excerpt 7

Casanova and the Florentine Countess – Excerpt 7

  Falcone stood, then sat down again, I have an Inclination that he was about to accuse me of cheating, but how could he without implicating himself. After all the marked deck was his, or if not his, he was certainly familiar with it. So he let it go, and so did I. The time to expose him was coming, but only when I was ready too.

The game continued and Falcone kept winning steadily, confident that my win must have been a fluke rather than skilful play, I was happy to keep losing, I wanted to lull him in to a false sense of security. I knew that his arrogance and overconfidence would bring about his downfall.

I was content, I had been feeling my way around the pack, I now had a reasonable idea of how they were marked and which cards were the highest, I was biding my time waiting for my turn to deal. Then I would wipe that self confident smirk of Falcone’s face. Once and for all.

When my turn to deal came around again, I dealt myself all the highest spades, which were then declared as trumps. No matter how the play went, I was certain to win all five tricks. The first trick was played and on my turn, I trumped it with the fante ( jack ) of Spades.  ‘My trick I believe Signori’ I said, placing the cards in front of me.

It was my lead so I led the Cavello ( horse of Spades) The other players knew they had no chance of beating my hand. ‘My trick again, I do believe!’ I said once more stacking the cards in front of me. The other players looked a trifle perplexed but Falcone looked as if he were ready to attack me. He would soon give himself away.

I led again, this time the Queen, Falcone almost leapt out of his chair. ‘Signori, you are cheating, you are robbing me and my friends.’ ‘Sit down Falcone, and listen well,’I said in the most menacing voice I could muster, ‘I admit I was cheating, but I was using a marked deck, the same deck that you were using when I joined the game, I ask you Signori’s how could I have cheated with your own marked deck!’

(C) Damian Grange 2017

8 thoughts on “Casanova and the Florentine Countess – Excerpt 7

  1. How could he have cheated with Falcone’s own marked deck? He admitted it. A better question would be, How could he have won? Arrogance and overconfidence. Get him to confess! Waiting for the next excerpt … (fine writing).


    1. The reason he exposed the deck, was to find out if Falcone or all of the 4 were complicit, if it comes to violence its easier if the other 3 are neutral, thank you so much for your comments and compliments!


  2. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year – great blog, love the excerpts, little mouthfuls of intrigue and excitement! 😸💕


    1. The idea was to bring it to the attention of Falcone’s friends to find if they were involved or not. If they are not involved, Casanova only has to face down Falcone not the four of them. All I can offer is that it seemed to make sense as I was writing it.

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