Double in Trouble – Excerpt 21

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 21

  The following morning, once I had showered and ate a somewhat hearty breakfast. I made my way to the Office to meet Schultz and Mayhew. Mayhew seemed pleased to see me, Schultz just dismissed me in his usual affable way. I think beneath that cool exterior he rather likes me, or at least, knowing his reputation I’d like to think so.

Mayhew, who was probably trying to prove his worth to Schultz, Said,’Good Morning, its nice to see you’ in Russian, I answered also in Russian, ‘Yes! nice to see you too!’ Schultz for the first time almost managed a smile. Mayhew was gushing, ‘Wonderful you spoke that like a native, by the time we are ready for the operation, you will be perfect old boy!’

Schultz surprisingly left, saying he would return in a couple of hours. That was just enough time for me to pump Mayhew, if I could only get him to play along. ‘Do we know when we are leaving for the Auction, Only I have to pack and sort out my girlfriend too, she has to take time off from her job, it would be nice to have a better idea!’ I attempted to wheedle a date out of Mayhew.

As close as I can tell at this moment in time, It will be in approximately eighteen days-time unless there are any unforeseen delays,’ replied Mayhew in his usual patronising manner. ‘How will we be travelling?’ I queried, and where too?

‘We will be travelling by private Jet, and we will be travelling to East Germany for the Auction, now you know almost as much as I do?’ was Mayhew’s reply. But I didn’t want to know almost as much as he knew, I wanted to know everything.

‘Is that where Sergei and the Warheads are?’ I queried,’ Is that where Schultz has gone?’ ‘I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to inform you of Schultz’s whereabouts, other than to say that it is all linked to the Auction,’ He answered trying to appear evasive. He didn’t realise that by not answering he had given me the information I required, Tommy was right, he was as thick as three short planks.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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