Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 19 )

  Now that a Doctor was in attendance once more, business at the Infirmary was booming, working men doffed their caps to me in the street, and their women smiled and acknowledged me. I felt that all my former trials had led me to this place. I sought redemption and right here seemed like the place that I might find it.

How wrong was I !, once again a woman would come into my life, bring me hope, then dash it all to pieces, but for now my life was good. My house had a cellar, which with McGinty’s assistance I turned in to a reasonable laboratory. i wished to improve my surgical techniques and try to come up with new cures for the many complaints that were rife in this area.

To that end I got McGinty canvassing the area for small animals that I might dissect as an aid to my research. I beg you, don’t misunderstand the term research, I was no Dr.Frankenstien, just a Doctor who wished if possible to enhance the lives of the patients entrusted to his care.

I was examining the tics and fleas carried by small animals to see if I could ascertain what Infections they might carry and how I might eradicate them. I wanted once and for all to earn my credentials as a Physician.

I sent several papers on my research to the Medical Council, and some of them were published. I thought my life was finally back on track again, but once again I was to be proven wrong. The following day I met Mary Jane Kelly For the first time. The woman who would become my nemesis!

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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