Double in Trouble – Excerpt 19

  ‘I’m afraid the answer to that, is yes and no, I’ve been flattering Mayhew to get him to open up, but every time I’m on the verge, Schultz steps in and silences him.’ I answered sadly. ‘So, what have you found out?’ enquired Kat.

‘Mayhew has assured me that the warheads are safe and in Sergei’s care. Palenkov’s kidnapping is also left in Sergei’s supposedly capable hands. I just hope Palenkov isn’t aware of Sergei’s double-dealing or I’m in bother,’ I stated in reply.

‘According to the information we have on file, Sergei is a Bulgarian, they are like the Sicilian’s, Vendetta is a way of life, he won’t be acting alone his whole family will be involved. What Palenkov did to that child, made it the business of the entire family to seek revenge, they will not rest until Palenkov has paid with his life!’ assured Kat.

‘One small thing is nagging at the back of my mind, what if Sergei’s relatives grab me by mistake, I have no wish to pay for his misdemeanours,’ I said and meant every word. ‘According to Mayhew’s planning, Palenkov should be in their safe-keeping before we leave for the auction, which by the way, will be held in East Germany,’ Replied Kat.

‘How did you get to know all this?’ I queried, I admit I was impressed. ‘We have tapped the Office phone, its not brilliant, but it’s another source of information,’ Kat Replied. ‘So there are no concerns at all that my identity might be compromised.’ I asked. ‘None at all’ Replied Kat, ‘Palenkov will be imprisoned or possibly, even dead!’

(C) Damian Grange 2017


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