Double in Trouble – Excerpt 18

  ‘You have no cause for concern, Old boy, Piped up Mayhew, ‘Once the deal is struck, we’ll give them Palenkov on a plate!’ ‘Do you blame me for feeling a little insecure, after all, my head is the one on the block, if this all goes tits up!’ I reminded them, not for the first time.

‘Time to get back to your Russian, Old boy, you worry too much!’ stated Mayhew. He summoned Olga, and we worked at it till around 5p.m. then Mayhew said, ‘Call it a day at that, be back here at 10 tomorrow morning, we’ll be here waiting,’ I thanked Olga and picked up my notes and headed for the door, i wanted to get out of there.

The moment i got home, I rang Kat, I needed to see her urgently. She said,  ‘No problem! I’ll be there at 7.30’ I thanked her and rang off. I sat and scratched my head, trying to remember everything that I had managed to trick Mayhew in to disclosing.

I was just about sorted when the door-bell rang, It was Kat as expected, but she was not alone, should I be concerned or was he one of the good guys too. ‘Hello again, Jim, This is Tommy Holland, he’s in charge of our back up, he’s up to scratch with what I know, have you more for me?’

‘Possibly !, Mayhew is so full of himself, flatter his ego and he’ll tell you anything, if Schultz wasn’t there keeping watch, I could have probably have got you a signed confession, he talks the talk but he’s as thick as four short. ‘Would planks be the word you were looking for?’ interrupted Tommy Holland, I took to him immediately.

‘Oh! you know him, then? I queried. ‘I do!’ said Tommy, ‘He’s a pompous prick who would betray his own Mother for a pat on the back, He belongs in a cell!’ Yes! I thought, I’m sure Tommy and I would get along fine. Kat asked, ‘Why had I contacted her, did I have more information.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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