Jack The Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 17 )

  When i returned that night, they had both gone, I presumed together. I had no inkling as to whether this was their first time or if it had been going on for longer. It mattered not. I was rid of her, heartbroken but rid of her! And So, I did what I think men in my position have done since time immemorial, I took to drink!

I had never been much of a drinker, but now I found I had an enormous thirst, a thirst that only cheap gin could satisfy. Needless to say, my practice began to suffer, no one wants to have faith in a Doctor that looks worse than they do and reeks of gin.

Fortunately for me, someone contacted my Father and he came and took me in hand, he was probably the only one who could, I had scant respect for anyone else. Slowly he weaned me off the gin and helped me get myself together.

It became obvious to both of us that I could no longer practice in South Kensington. My reputation was such, that no respectable person would entertain me. Those were the depths I had fallen too through my own folly. I determined to get my life back on track.

My Father, bless him, suggested that I should immediately sell my practice, whilst I could still obtain a reasonable sum for it, then use the money to buy property in a less fashionable area of London. London had bought me my share of misery, but I had no desire to return to the country. If I were to progress in my chosen career it had to be in London, nowhere else would suffice.

I was on the look- out for suitable employment, when in the Medical Gazette I came across an advertisement for a Doctor at the Whitechapel Infirmary. It seemed that the position had been advertised for several weeks, they might be willing to take a chance on someone with my background, I may have made mistakes but I am still a qualified Physician, I am in fact over qualified for the position they are offering.

But nonetheless, I will apply, I have to start somewhere, Why not Whitechapel !

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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      1. I have read several so called scholarly books that reach no satisfactory conclusion, so i thought i would try a different angle, a thwarted lover, cause and effect. Thank you once more for your interest.

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  1. A minor typo, but figured I’d point it out to you, since it’s hard to spot these things on your own. Trust me, I make these kinds of mistakes all the time! Lol!
    ” Those were the depths I had fallen too through my own folly.”
    Should be “to” instead of “too”.

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