Casanova and the Florentine Countess – ( Excerpt 3)

  The vision in satin replied, ‘ I am the Countess Di Angelo, and I have need of your special skills, I am told you can be trusted with secrets?’ Why not! all lovers keep secrets and as you may have heard, I have had many lovers!’

‘I am well aware of your skills in the bedchamber, but the task I had in mind for you was on the gaming table, a place where you possess certain skills?’ was her reply. ‘ So, what favour do you require from me, and naturally what do i receive in return, you are a very attractive woman with much to offer a man of my kind!’ I answered tentatively.

‘I, foolishly gave a present to a young Signori of my acquaintance, he thought that we were to become lovers, he became a little silly and started bragging about it to his friends, if I do not retrieve the jewel before my husband returns, I am compromised, I will pay you either in Ducati or in kind, if you retrieve my property!’ was her answer.

‘And the name of the young Signori?’ I queried. ‘ His name is Guiseppe Falcone, he is downstairs carousing with his friends, chances are he may already be at the gaming tables, just ask? he is well known there, and remember my words, you will profit from this one way or another!’ as she made that last statement, she brushed her lips lightly against mine, and I savoured her perfume, there and then, I knew my price!

We parted, and I made my way downstairs to the gaming tables, as I entered the room I encountered my old lover, the Duchess di Milano, ‘ Giacomo, so good of you to visit an old friend, you were always welcome in my heart and my bedchamber too!’ ‘It’s a great pity the Duke didn’t share that sentiment,’ I looked around furtively, ‘So, I am safe to visit?’ ‘Of course he’s away on Government business somewhere?’ she replied.

‘Can i take it that you recommended me to the Contessa?’ I asked. ‘Of course, she has no one else to turn too, you arrived just at the right time, If you get her out of this scrape I can assure you she will reward you generously, she is a very loving and generous young lady, do her this service, and her bedchamber is yours!’

‘And you have no objections, This is your Pallazzo!, I made a pretence of being morally indignant, but I got the distinct impression that I was convincing no one, I’m afraid after sharing her bed so often, the Duchess, knew me all too well!

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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