Double in Trouble –  Excerpt 17

  At this moment in time, my prime concern was mastering the Russian language. Schultz was the problem of British Intelligence, I just hope when this deal is over they get to Schultz, before he gets to me.

I keep trying to prime Mayhew, If I worked on him I was sure to hear something I shouldn’t. The man was an idiot, so puffed up and full of his own perceived importance, If Schultz wasn’t there to babysit, I’m certain he would tell me anything I wanted to know, just to boost his somewhat fragile ego.

I had my doubts at the time, but on reflection, I’m sure that Kat is right Mayhew for all that he think’s he’s running the show, is about as expendable as I am, once the scam is over.

I say scam, they are talking major arms deals, but up to now I have seen nothing. The A.K 47’s the fake Mujaheddin were carrying were probably film prop, and even if they were real, they would amount to next to nothing in this game. the stakes are a little higher than machine guns.

I asked Mayhew, ‘We are going to an awful lot of time and expense, can you totally trust this Sergei character to deliver, or will he sell you out if he get’s a higher bidder?’ Surprisingly, it was Schultz who answered in a slightly guttural Jewish accent, ‘Sergei wants to see Palenkov destroyed, once the Warheads are sold, Palenkov will be a dead man walking. ‘ I only have one problem with that, to all intents, I am Palenkov! I stated angrily.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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