Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 16 )

  I hadn’t so much hurt her physically, but I had hurt her pride. I had broken her, she thought that she could belittle me, treat me like a fool. Well, now she knew different, to hell with her! at that moment I knew that our marriage was as good as over.

We were both hurting and neither of us was prepared to accept the responsibility for why we were at loggerheads. I took to staying out drinking to hide my sorrows, and she on her part avoided me wherever possible. It was a situation with no happy solution.

Then one fateful day, I came home unexpectedly for some medicine I needed for a patient. As I stood in the hallway, I could hear noises from her bedroom, I had taken to sleeping in another room.

I opened the door, and there she was in our marital bed, naked and making love with Roly, my so called best friend. Now I know why he was so keen to call round whilst I was engaged with my patients.

I was livid, betrayed by my wife and my so called best friend. I grabbed Roly and pulled him off her, I furiously mouthed, ‘If you want your whore? take her! I have no more use for her!’ they both made an attempt to calm me, but I was having none of it, I turned on my heel and stormed out, still seething.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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  1. How interesting. The marriage is as good as dead, the couple sleeps in separate rooms and they avoid each other. One day the husband comes home, finds his wife having sex with another man and flies into a jealous rage. It’s all so human. Well told.


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