Casanova and the Florentine Countess – ( Excerpt 2 )

  I wasn’t finding much action on my own, so I made the decision to visit an old friend and lover, the Duchess Di Milano. I had no idea of her reaction to my visit, we had parted under a cloud as it were. Her husband had discovered our friendship and was none too happy about it. So I had to vacate Florence in an unseemly hurry.

But back to business, I had heard that her husband was away on business, and in his absence, it was open house. I had heard that there was gaming and debauchery of every persuasion, just what I needed a little distraction or I may be tempted to return to Francesca’s warm and welcoming bed.

I decided that a bold approach was the best policy, So dressed to thrill, I might modestly say, I stood rapping on her door with my cane. The door opened and a flunky stood there in the Duke’s livery, ‘May I be of assistance, Signori ‘ he asked looking down his nose at me, doesn’t anyone have decent staff anymore.

‘Tell your Mistress, that Signor Giacomo Casanova of Venice, seeks an audience with her, we are old acquaintances!’ ‘ If you would like to wait Signori, I will give her your card, i will return shortly,’ and off he trotted. A few moments later he returned and with a sniff as if he had smelt something rotten, said, ‘Follow me, Signori!’

I followed him upstairs, where he led me to a closed door, ‘Knock, Signori, and it will be opened to you, he then turned on his heels and I presume returned to his post by the door. I did as instructed and rapped on the door with my cane.

The door opened, and there stood an apparition in white satin, not my Duchess, something much younger and totally entrancing. I bowed low and presented myself, Milady I am Signori Giacomo Casanova, late of Venice, to whom have I the pleasure of addressing, I did say addressing, but my thoughts were more to undressing, she was beautiful and just the kind of woman I adored!

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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  1. Nice piece. Please teach me what “as it were” means. I have seen the phrase many times and I have used it severally assuming it means “face to face”, or ” firsthand experience “. Kindly clear the mist for me.

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  2. In this particular instance, I was referring to a past occurrence that they were both aware of. I’m not sure I’d use it face to face, first hand would probably be ok. Thank you so much for your comments and support.


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