Double in Trouble – Excerpt 16

ย  ‘When do we go to meet Sergei, and see the Warheads?,’ I questioned. ‘In roughly three weeks time, so you had better get your Russian up to scratch,’ Was Mayhew’s answer. So, I stayed, a young woman was summoned, who was to teach me Russian, i am certain that both Mayhew and Schultz speak it fluently. But no matter, I will go through the motions just to keep them happy.

The woman who was teaching me, Olga, was apparently a political refugee whom Mayhew had recruited with just this task in mind. Once the ice was broken, we got on quite well, at least she had a sense of humour, which was more than i could say for Schultz, who had been looking daggers at me, from the moment I arrived.

Learning to speak Russian, wasn’t quite as hard as I had imagined. I did actually speak a smattering of several languages, so I suppose you could say my ears were attuned to new sounds, in terms of the spoken word. Every language has its own peculiarities, master them and you have it.

Olga was an excellent teacher, after a few hours we were exchanging small sentences, a little parrot – like on my part, but we were definitely making progress. After all it was only my first day. We took a break at lunch time and Mayhew sent Olga for coffee and sandwiches, no expense spared as usual.

We took a twenty minute break, then started again, Mayhew seemed relatively happy with my progress. Schultz as usual, said nothing, he just glared at me but I was getting used to it. He seemed a very personable sort of fellow, maybe it was something I said.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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      1. On Mondays and Fridays i run a Jack the Ripper serial and at the moment Wednesday and Sunday
        I am running a Casanova serial, hopefully i can keep you interested. I enjoyed your article on Syria!

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