Casanova and the Florentine Countess

  After an extremely pleasant sojourn in Padua with Francesca Lupino. I longed to travel a little more, I had greatly enjoyed Francesca, She was young and beautiful, but every woman, however beautiful has only so much to offer a man like me. I needed fresh challenges, new bodies to woo and conquer and mayhap make a little money too.

And so, I tossed a ducato and Florence won, It was agreed, for better or worse Florence, here we come, we being myself and my man, Leonardo. My servant and confidente and a man of many talents, usually involved in keeping me out of trouble.

On arriving in Florence, I hired a room in a small guest house, just temporarily until I got my bearings, I had not been to Florence for several years, not since some fool Count I had cuckolded caught me cheating at cards. The damn fool had the audacity to challenge me to a duel. I knew it could not end well, so I killed him.

I was arrested and charged, but his second, fortunately an honourable man, stated on oath that I had been challenged and forced in to the duel. The outcome of which was the Count’s demise, thankfully he never mentioned my reputation as a duellist.

But, as you can probably imagine, this little fracas did little to enhance my reputation, so I left Florence and its ladies to their own devices. Now may be a good time to start renewing some old acquaintances. Possibly in the fullness of time, they may have bore desirable daughters, I love the thrill of discovering something pure and untouched.

(C) Damian Grange 2017


385px-Louise_of_Mecklenburg-StrelitzPicture – Courtesy of Pinterest

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