Double in Trouble – Excerpt 15

  The following morning, I made my way to their Offices to inform Mayhew and Schultz of my decision, I was sure they would be thrilled. I knocked on the door and Mayhew admitted me, Schultz lurked in the background as usual, but now I knew why!

Mayhew gave me his usual gushing welcome, Hello, Old boy, have you made your decision?’ he questioned. ‘ I have! but with certain conditions of my own!’ I answered smiling. ‘That wasn’t part of the plan, old boy!’ Stated Mayhew. ‘But plans can always be altered, or updated, they are by nature, a flexible thing,’ I said.

‘I suppose that’s true enough!’ agreed Mayhew, ‘What have you in mind?’ ‘Simple enough! I want to bring my girlfriend on this little jaunt of ours, and before you object, no girlfriend, no Palenkov, it’s up to you?’ I stated with conviction.

Schultz colour changed from pale to bright red, I thought he was about to have a seizure, then Mayhew, acting as mediator said, ‘I don’t see that as a problem, do you, old boy! he asked Schultz, who looked like he wanted to kill me, then and there.

Kat had once again proved her point, I still had several bargaining chips left, but best not to push my luck with Schultz anymore today, He was in a hell of a mood. ‘ So!,’ I asked ‘     ‘What happens next!’ ‘ Today, you learn to speak basic Russian, just enough so that you and Sergei appear to be conversing in it, when we hold the Auction.’

‘How many factions will be bidding?’ I asked, wondering if they would be stupid enough to tell me. ‘Will there be many?’ ‘We are still awaiting confirmations, but yes, there is substantial interest!’ confirmed Mayhew, He’s definitely the one to work on, he’s so overconfident, I feel sure that when this is over, Schultz will dispose of him.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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