Double in Trouble – Excerpt 14

  I will be with you at all times, I may not look much but I was trained in unarmed combat by a sergeant in the S.A.S. and I’m an expert shot with both pistol and rifle, and I’m also quite handy with a knife!’ was Kat’s reply, which left me a little stunned.

I thought she was just a secretary, someone who interviewed possible crank callers, pretty much like me. ‘Besides myself there will be a six man assault team on standby at all times, should any mopping up be needed!’ I must admit, she sounded very competent, I will admit, I was impressed.

‘It would appear that I have very little choice, but to agree, if I want to walk away from this intact, so, what is the next move?’ I asked, and awaited the answer warily. ‘ I will contact my chief and make all the necessary arrangements, that will include a make-up Technician who can teach you how to look even more like Palenkov, just to play safe!’

That was how she worded it, but I still wondered what the hell I had got myself in to. ‘So where do I go from here?’ I enquired, feeling more than a little out of my depth.

‘When you meet up with Mayhew and Schultz tomorrow, tell them that you are up for it on condition that your girlfriend comes with you, no girlfriend, no Palenkov, be very insistent, at this point they have come too far to have you renege on the deal, it’s not such a big thing you are asking considering the stakes,’ Kat convinced me.

‘Ok!, I’ll give it a go, to be honest i’ll be glad of your company, it’ll be rather nice to see one friendly face among all those hostiles and heretics!’ I commented and meant it. ‘Aww! you really know how to make a girl feel wanted,’ grinned Kat and kissed me gently on my cheek.

That gesture although meant in fun, completely unnerved me, I was attracted to Kat, she was totally the type of woman I would normally go for? But how do you make a move on a female of version James Bond, very, very cautiously I would imagine. This whole fiasco was starting to look somewhat interesting from my viewpoint.

(C) Damian Grange 2017


Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest



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