Casanova – One Girl too Many ( Excerpt 5 )

  I sat quite comfortably in my cell, although I was chained I was allowed a certain degree of movement. The thing I couldn’t quite understand was Francesca’s reaction to my entrapment, although she had been used to lure me in to the trap. it seemed that she hadn’t done so willingly. Was she one of them or not?

My question was answered much sooner than I had expected, Francesca herself came stealthily down the stairs. She opened the door to my cell and stepped inside. She put a finger on my lips to stop me talking, then she gave me an explanation.

‘I am sorry, my love, If I had not lured you here they would have ambushed you in the street and against three of the brutes I don’t think you would have survived. I couldn’t bear to see you slaughtered in that way, I knew that once here I had a chance to save you!’

‘Where are they now?’ I enquired, concerned for the safety of all their captives, ‘they are upstairs in the hall, stupid drunk, they may not survive, I have poisoned the wine.’ ‘Why?’ I queried, ‘Because they killed my Mother and made me a virtual slave, they haven’t used me yet, but it is only a matter of time, I would sooner be dead!’ she uttered angrily.

‘But why now?’ I asked, ‘Because Giacomo, you made me realise there was life and freedom beyond these walls, I want that freedom with you!’

(C) Damian Grange 2017

Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest



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