Double in Trouble – ( Excerpt 13 )

  So, where do I stand? do I get the hell out of this country as fast as I can find a plane to take me, or do I stay and take the chance of becoming  one very dead hero, I can’t in all honesty say that either option has much appeal! I replied, hoping I guess for absolution.

‘I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m certain that if you were to try to walk away at this stage of the game, Abromski would kill you, or have you killed. They have already made a sizeable investment in you, in terms of time and money,’ replied Kat.’

‘So, what other options, do I have, if any? I asked, grasping at straws. I really wanted to know. ‘I have a suggestion to make, that might have some appeal to you!’ said Kat. ‘At this stage, all I can say, is that I am certainly open to suggestions, I have no wish to die just yet, for this or any other cause!’ I stated and truly meant every word.

‘What I was about to suggest, was that you meet my boss, and if he agrees, work this on behalf of British Intelligence. I could pose as your assistant / girlfriend and act as your go-between, naturally we wouldn’t expect you to do it for nothing, you would be paid’ Kat offered.

‘Suppose I say, Yes! what guarantees are you offering that I will come out of this in one piece, you are virtually asking me to place my life on the line!’ I stated, not without concern. ‘We would protect you totally, in your guise as Palenkov, you are an asset, even more so if we manage to locate the Warheads and neutralise them.’ promised Kat.

‘What form, would this protection take? would I have a bodyguard? or what! I need to know what’s going on, or I turn around and walk away!’ I stated angrily.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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