Casanova – One Girl Too Many – Excerpt 4

  Once my captor, had recovered his wits, he guided me at gunpoint to the stairs, which I assumed led either to the cellars of dungeons. It was the first time I had entered this Pallazzo, so I wasn’t aware of the layout, but I was keeping my wits about me, so that, if given the opportunity, I could find my way out.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs, I could hear sobbing, the clicking of our shoes on the stairs had disturbed the other prisoners. I had found the missing girls, I had feared them dead, but it appeared that these vile creatures were using them for their pleasure. you may think that last remark, a little odd, coming as it does from a seducer, libertine and Vampire, but I treat my women kindly, I am not a beast, unless of course that is what the lady requests, but a gentleman doesn’t tell!

There were six girls in all, all young and attractive and in various states of undress, by the looks of terror, when they saw my captor, they had obviously been badly misused by this vile family. I made a silent vow, first to free them and then to gain revenge on their behalf on the beasts that had treated them in this way.

A door was unlocked, and I was forced in to a cell and the door locked behind me. My captor was gloating. ‘ We’ve thought of a lovely way to torture you, Vampire! We are going to let you watch my Father, Brother and I, use these Venetian beauties until they beg for death. But they won’t get it, there are other nights, if you behave we might throw you one, that’s past its best.’

‘Well Giacomo!’ I thought, ‘ There is only one way, this can end, and that is death to the Lupino’s I will finish totally this evil brood, I don’t know how, but I will!’

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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