Double in Trouble – Excerpt 12

‘That does make a certain kind of sense,’ She replied. ‘May I ask you a question?’ I queried. ‘Of course, ask away!, like I said, this is an informal meeting,’ replied Kat. ‘Well I suppose the thing is, do you believe me, or do you think I am some crackpot conspiracy theorist?’ I questioned, wanting to hear her voice her opinion.

‘If it is any consolation to you, I have believed everything that you have told me, we know that Mayhew is up to something, that is way out of his league,’ She replied. ‘I was given the impression that Mayhew was a big wheel at the Foreign Office.’ I stated. ‘Far from it, he’s just a minor courier, that’s how they worked the con at the Airport’s, people know him, so he get’s waved through, handy, if you are up to something!’

‘So, you don’t believe he’s the brains of the outfit?, just the man who’s fronting it!’ ‘We have an idea that Schultz, is the motivating force behind this operation, if I showed you some photographs, do you think you could pick him out?’ Kat asked. ‘I’m certain I could, after all, faces are my business!’ I replied confidently.

Kat handed me, a handful of photographs, as I scanned through them I noticed a similarity, they all looked totally ruthless individuals. Then there he was, I had him, this was Schultz, a little younger, but definitely him! I was certain.

I handed the photographs to Kat with Schultz uppermost. ‘This is Schultz, or rather, should I say, the man I know as Schultz, formerly of the C.I.A.’ I stated. ‘For your ears only, this man is Czeslau Abromski, a Polish Jew. He was with the Mossad, that’s Israeli Intelligence, but he worked some kind of double – cross and now they are after him, and a few others, ourselves included.’

‘He is a very dangerous and ruthless man, if he has managed to get his hands on six nuclear warheads, there will be hell to pay! she stated passionately.

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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