Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 11 )

  To my surprise and delight, Isabelle chose me. I must admit, it came as something of a surprise, I didn’t expect it, as Roly was from a better class family than I. And obviously with his family connections would find procuring wealthy patients, much easier than I.

Roly, took it well, although he found it hard to hide his disappointment. But he, nonetheless, agreed to be my best man. My brother, Giles, now ordained as a minister, was to officiate at the ceremony.

My Father took to Isabelle instantly, but then, he had met her before, and was a friend of her Father, the Dean. My Mother, that pious soul, did not approve, but then she seldom approved of anything I did. I wasn’t concerned, I loved her, and that was enough for me. She was beautiful, intelligent and she was mine. She was all that I needed to make my life complete.

On the day of our wedding, just before we left for the church, my Mother had her final say, ‘She is too flighty, she will not make you happy, I know her type, you want a plain girl, someone who will cherish and respect you!’ But then my Mother had no idea about me, and the person I had become. In her eyes I would always be that needy little boy.

When I arrived at the church, Roly was waiting, all spruced up, with the rings safely in his inside pocket. We exchanged pleasantries for a moment, then entered the church, to await the arrival of  Isabelle, my, bride to be, and the only woman I had ever loved.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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