Casanova – One Girl too Many ( Excerpt 3 )

Β  Giacomo turned towards the door, his hand on his sword hilt. But he was too late, one of Francesca’s brothers guarded the exit, he had a sword in one hand, in the other a cocked pistol, he had Giacomo at a disadvantage. Giacomo bowed his submission.

‘I knew we would have you, Vampire, there is nothing like a bitch in heat, to attract your kind, instead of using your brains, you think with that thing tucked inside your breeches, it will always be your undoing!’

‘How very true!’ thought Giacomo, but it’s early days yet. ‘ Sister, come over here, take off your cloak, show the Vampire what he is missing?’ Francesca looked me in the eyes, as if she were begging my forgiveness, could she be a victim too?

She did as ordered and removed her cloak, beneath it she wore a diaphanous gown that displayed every contour of her body. She did not look at me, but kept her eyes downcast, as if she were ashamed to be seen this way. I was at a loss, I bit my lip, I was trying not to become aroused, I had no wish to give her brother the satisfaction of my shame.

She was beautiful, looking at her, dressed the way she was. She reminded me of a Vestal Virgin, just waiting to be deflowered. But I had other priorities at the moment, starting with the young fool pointing a pistol at me.

‘ There is an awful stench in here, Pup, it smells like dog piss, did not your Father teach you to piss standing up?’ It had the desired effect, he growled and part morphed in to the creature that he was, then realised I had tricked him, but not before he had taken a bite at me, I ducked, but smelt his fetid breath as it passed over my head.

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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